How to write standard SEO articles [2020]

I understand that, when doing marketing or copywriter, you often hear the phrase SEO standard article being repeated many times.


What is the SEO standard article?
How to write standard SEO articles?
What is the structure of a standard SEO article?
What is the standard for a standard SEO content post?

If you want to write quality SEO articles that are highly ranked by users & search engines, then this article is for you!

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Information to understand when writing standard SEO articles
What does SEO mean?
Before going into the details on what SEO standard content is, you need to understand the concept of SEO.

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing the website to compete for keyword rankings on search engine results pages, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of traffic.

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What is the SEO standard?

Standard SEO is an optimal form to help a website or article be search engine friendly (especially Google).

To do so, we need a basic foundation, especially content SEO. Unlike normal content, SEO standard content requires that the article is not only aimed at readers but also must meet SEO criteria to be search engine friendly (especially Google) and easier to top.

Overall, SEO standards should be the top priority if you want to increase the reach of your target audience.

What is the SEO standard article?

Standard SEO articles are the type of articles that are focused on optimizing the content to satisfy the user’s search needs and implementing SEO techniques to promote article rankings on the search results page. At the same time, standard SEO articles can pull a large amount of traffic (traffic) from search engines.

To be able to satisfy your search engine and potential customers, you are required to create high-value SEO articles for users, not just SEO optimization for it.

And in the next article, I will show you how to write standard SEO articles.

3 Criteria must be in standard SEO article

1. Voices

Depending on the industry and potential customers, the tone of the articles is often not the same.

For example, if you have a blog like me, where you share all your SEO knowledge, you should use a cheerful, engaging tone that provides actionable information (applicable immediately).

At the same time, using the title “I”, “I” and “you” will help express personal views and create a feeling of closeness and confidence in the reader.

On the contrary, in case you are writing SEO content for health pages, it is required to keep the attitude of objectivity, science, authenticity and avoid using the first person in the article.

2. Information

In an article, you are also required to make sure you give accurate information, have a clear and reputable source, the more valuable the article, especially health pages.

This is a huge mistake in content creation and article SEO.

Create your own quality content. You can consult competitor content and other sources. But DO NOT copy content if you don’t want a Google Panda penalty.
You can use standard SEO article writing tools like CopyScape to check your content before moving on to the optimization step in the next SEO standard article.

3. Ensuring SEO criteria

SEO content requires ensuring the regulations on the title, H1, H2, meta description, keyword … so that Google can easily crawl data as well as understand your article in the right direction.

If you wonder how to optimize the above factors in SEO, please continue to follow the article because I have extremely detailed instructions in the section below!

The truth is that only 30% of users see the content of your article. So if you organize the information to be coherent, easy to read, and understand, they will quickly identify the topic and information they are looking for.

Standard SEO article structure often focuses on the first text, the headings, and the first sentence of each paragraph.

Because the reader does not have the patience to wait for the “good part behind”.

It’s best to put your “ou’ ss” or other important information at the top of the article to make sure customers can read them before leaving.

By giving them critical information sooner, your users can gather the information they need.

And if they give up in the middle, they already have the information they need to share. So they tend to convert into customers earlier.

In addition to the outline before writing any content is also an extremely effective way. This helps to control the article’s content better, avoiding rambling, off topic.

Setting outlines similar to the above standard SEO article templates also makes it easier for you to optimize future articles.