Marketing strategies to use if you want to beat the competition

In the digital environment, your brand is never alone. You are always faced with other companies who, like you, are trying to reach the maximum number of potential customers in the industry. That’s why an automatic competition has emerged that requires you to devise efficient marketing strategies to face other brands.

Keep in mind that these are not marketing strategies to be implemented individually, but they can certainly be used in combination. You will have to integrate them, at different times and in different ways, within your overall actions as a company.

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Marketing strategies focused on content

It is important to create value for your users. You can do this in the following way:

  • Content marketing that reaches your audience. Content is the cornerstone of today’s popular inbound marketing approach. Content is king, but the content is much more than just writing articles. Video marketing, collaborations with influencers, competitions or useful and original publications in social media are valuable content that will help you on your way to attract a new audience.
  • Modern and close networks. Social Media is constantly being modernized and provided with all kinds of new functionalities. Their aesthetics change, their audience evolves and, as a result, what’s expected of them.
    That is why as a brand you should try to adapt your marketing strategies to the latest trends. For more than two years, the video has been a fundamental trend in Social Media (just think of the evolution of TikTok). In addition, the video has potential in terms of positioning and a great capacity to be “virtualized”.

You should also use these strategies with a clear purpose in your marketing plan: creating a community is not the same as using social media to generate greater engagement or to drive the sale of products or services. Therefore, make sure that your paid publications and your daily content fit perfectly with the end goals of your company.

Focus on the user

In other words, look for loyalty and engagement with your users:

Loyalty with a 360º plan
Pampering the consumer may cost little, but it can be worth a lot. Loyalty is crucial because it allows you to have a tier of customers who make regular purchases from you. How does it work ?: by turning to them.

From thanking them for their purchase or their questions, to interacting in the publications in which they comment, resolving their doubts, and so on. It is crucial that you do it with a 360º approach. That is, wherever you can come into contact with them. From your company website to an email marketing automation tool.

An investment in the user’s digital experience.
For example, if we focus on your company website, it should not just be the most recognizable element of your brand in online communication. It should be a meeting point for users and potential customers who want to get in touch with your company.

You have to give a first impression that is appropriate. In other words: inspire professionalism and trust. An unnecessarily complicated website makes the customer suspicious, especially when it comes to e-commerce. Therefore, your website should provide a comfortable and simple user experience.

This is achieved with a well thought out and developed web architecture, a hosting that can support the loading speed of all elements of your website and a set of perfectly recognizable means for the actions, such as the well-known shopping cart.