New: Share content via Google Web Stories

Stories have been emerging for years. After Instagram started it, now also Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp use stories. Especially on Instagram, they are viewed well and users are happy to share what they are doing on a daily basis. In that respect, the arrival of Google Web Stories fits in with this trend. Yet the setup is slightly different and mainly intended to improve your SEO position. Interesting for anyone with a website. And nice, because it really adds something to what is already on the market. We will tell you more about it!

What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are intended to make it easier to share content with anyone who wants to inform you and send you to a web page. Because the search engine indexes its own stories, they are shown in the search results. And because they are still new, this is your chance to be one of the first to start and score! The Web Stories from Google is a new program, especially for use on smartphones. It is developed with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and works super fast on mobile phones. There is now also a WordPress plug-in that you can use.

With Google Web Stories you can easily and permanently share content. The ‘stories’ remain and do not disappear after an x-period as we are used to from Stories on social media. You create a slideshow with the content you want to share: photos, videos, text, audio, animations or GIFs. The visitor to your story can swipe through your stories by tapping and easily sounds through to a web page.

Plug-in Web Stories for WordPress

You can download the plugin for WordPress here and install it manually or you can find the plugin and install and activate it. Then you will find the Google Web Stories plug-in in your menu. If you have not built your website in WordPress you have to be patient. The plugin is now only available there. As you are used to from social media stories, it is possible to add anything to a story. You do that with the editor. There are also all kinds of templates you can start with. Ideal to start with. Just get started with it, it is actually self-explanatory.