Why electric bicycles will become even more popular in the Netherlands

The electric bicycle, for many it is still a luxury product that may sound interesting but will not fit everyone’s budget. This does not alter the fact that it is entirely in line with expectations that electric bicycles will only become more popular in the Netherlands. We explain why.

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Cities want to keep mopeds out

The sustainability factor also plays a role in the growing popularity of electric bicycles. Electric bicycles are an environmentally friendly alternative to mopeds and mopeds. In several cities people are working to phase out the use of polluting mopeds, scooters and mopeds. For example, by setting an environmental zone, or by mandatory testing a helmet and having them drive on the roadway. At a certain point it simply does not make sense to hold on to your moped if its possible use is curtailed. The e-bike is given all the space, and it is therefore not surprising that more and more people are opting for this alternative.

More and more used ones are available

A barrier for many people to buy an electric bicycle is the purchase price. Electric bicycles are simply expensive, and not everyone can afford such an investment. But the longer the electric bicycle has been on the market and the more people start using it, the more they will eventually become available second-hand. That makes “getting on” on the electric bicycle a lot more accessible. Of course it is true that the battery of a second-hand electric bicycle is probably no longer at its best. That is why it certainly does not hurt to take a look at a shop like Bikester to see if there is a new electric bicycle for you within your budget.

There are more and more stable places with charging options

As we said before: cities are increasingly trying to discourage the use of mopeds, scooters and mopeds. This also translates into storage options. More and more space is being made available for electric bicycles in guarded parking facilities, often at the expense of parking space for mopeds. It is usually also possible to charge your battery at those parking places. This is of course beneficial for users of electric bicycles, because this way you can be sure that you can return home effortlessly on a full battery. This also gives people a push towards the purchase of an electric bicycle.


Although the electric bicycle is of course no longer only for the elderly, it is an excellent service for the elderly. After all, they rarely opt for a moped, and with an electric bicycle they are more free to go and stand where they want. Knowing that the baby boomers will all reach retirement age around this time can only lead to more and more e-bikes being sold.

The cycle paths will therefore only fill up more in the near future with people who pedal very slowly for the speed they make. And they can only do that well!