YouTube provides information with videos about the source of news

YouTube now explains which news publisher the video you are watching belongs to. Handy or unnecessary? The world is being driven mad by fake news and this could separate real news from fake news.

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Window with information about the publisher

If a channel is owned by a government or publicly funded news publisher, a window with publisher information may or may not appear on the video’s view page. That information comes from Wikipedia.

It details how the publisher is funded and includes a link to their Wikipedia page. You will see the publisher information window directly below the video, next to the information icon.

YouTube does this to inform

“This publisher information window is meant to give you additional information so you can better understand the sources of news content you watch on YouTube,” the YouTube explanation reads.

Seeing this window depends on the availability of information from Wikipedia and other independent third party sources.

It seems that YouTube, like Facebook, WhatsApp and Google, is fighting fake news. Whether providing information about the news source helps remains to be seen. The advantage is that you now know where the money comes from. Who pays decides.